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How to Overcome From Fear & Coach Team to Success | Proven Manager Tips!

Posted by Ms. Amy on

Each individual will have some kind of fear at some point in their lives. This fear can lead to certain consequences if they are not dealt with in the right manner.

Drawing some examples from the 1980 Olympics which was held on the Lake Placid. It was the ice hockey match, and during the last minutes of the game the U.S team slammed the Soviet Union and defeated them. The match was called as The Miracle on the Ice, and that’s how it was written in the history of Olympics.

Miracle on Ice

When a team wins a match like this, the Coach feels happy with how the team worked together for success instead of just looking at an individual’s game. Herb Brooks, then coach of the US Hockey team, worked on building up each player’s strength which worked out for the game and for the team.

Overcome From Fear & Coach Team to Success

The team which was all fun and easy going suddenly got a new style and vigor in them! What did actually happen with the team members? You can compare both the corporate as well as sports teams in this case. Both of them have players/members which is lead by a Coach/Leader.

If you have seen changes in the behavior of the players lately, then this is not something which happened overnight. It is the magic of the coaches and the team leaders who worked day and night in building a strong team. I recently received many emails asking how to build a strong team, and that’s how I got the next topic for discussion.

Following are some of the Tips I got from Industry Experts on How to Overcome From Fear:

  • Being Truthful in your attitude

This will lead the team for greater miles. Players learn from their coaches, and if the coach is not true in nature then that will have a negative effect on the team. One of the examples, if you are not performing well on the projects, then a true leader will say the same on your face. This will not only give you a chance to improve, but also work on the overall development as a team.

  • Choose the best members of the team

Best Member of The TeamYou cannot expect a team to give excellent performance if the team itself has got weak players. The same goes for the companies, if the employees are not tough and efficient in their jobs, then one can’t expect to get good results. As a leader or coach, you should make it a point to elect and choose the best candidates for the job.

  • Handling Success is tougher than dealing with Failure

Most of you may think that handling a failure is hard than handling a success. Well, in real life- things go the other way round. When you succeed, people only look at the external variables instead of realizing all the things which have got inside the player to get that performance and output.

So, when you get the success you can’t stay idle and rest – you have to put in more efforts for the next project since the expectations will only increase.

  • Communication is important and much effective than you could imagine.

Keep the communication thing on at all costs! The moment you realize that the talks are reducing, you have to make sure that you are connected with your team members. This will help you in knowing the work stats of your team, and be giving them the feeling that ‘there’s somebody to look after your works’.

  • Be ready at all times, and embrace the Change. In short, Go with the Flow!

Be ready at all timesIt is important that you are flexible with the work and ready to take up new challenges. If you find yourself stuck with a new project, then ask all your doubts out and give it your best shot. This holds true for both the coaches as well as the team. If the coach has this attitude, then only the team could follow it.

  • What’s success anyway? Let’s redefine it.

With time, the definition of the success has been changing. As the company and the work changes, the definition of success will have a different explanation. You need to understand the definition of success and what it actually means to your firm. Then work together to achieve the goals set!