If you are a Bruce Lee fan, then you must have seen the Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong with Nunchucks. This was one among the viral videos of all time, and people went all crazy and in praises for the skilled actor.

But, wait. Is it really possible to play Ping Pong with the help of Nunchuks? Can anyone play the way Bruce Lee does it? We will find out!

Did Bruce Lee really play Ping Pong with Nunchucks

Bruce Lee does not need any introduction. He was a professional actor, director, martial artist instructor, philosopher, and a great human being. One of the reasons why people love is the way he brought the martial arts in the lives of others and brought an awareness among the young minds.

I was talking about the video where the actor is seen playing the ping pong game with the help of Nunchucks, but did he play the game as it is shown in the video?

Unfortunately guys, sorry to say – the video is a FAKE one.

It was a Nokia AD video, and the creative team of the brand thought to combine the Bruce Lee Nunchaku skills with the ping pong game. It was a well-thought idea of the team which was executed equally great.

Here, the full video version which was released by the Nokia N96 brand in the year 2008. This advertisement was created by the Thomson Agency at their Beijing Branch. It is a result of many audio and other video effects which gave in this amazing result.

First, Bruce Lee himself has to synchronize with the actions like playing the Nunchaku on the ping pong table. Then a person who looks similar to Bruce Lee plays the game, this could be easily known as the face of the actor is not shown clearly throughout the video.

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If you consider physics, then you will know that it is next to impossible to hit a round-edged ball with a round shaped nunchaku.

Also, it is never possible to hit a topspin shot with just a little area of contact using the Nunchaku.

While some of the people have asked, whether Bruce Lee could ever play the game using a Nunchaku? The answer is, he may be able to hit once or twice out of the 20 shots. But the way he hits the ball, and the precision shown in the video is nowhere possible by any human being existing on the earth. It’s completely supernatural!

Bruce Lee could hit the ball once in 10 takes, but that won’t be same in direction and movement like the ball when hit with a Ping Pong Paddle.

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