The Winter Paralympics is the platform for those disables players who are having the courage to show their talent to the world. With its advent in the year of 1960, it is continuously gaining popularity. Here is our guide for all those people, who are not very much familiar with the Winter Paralympics. It will let you know the complete details of the games and How they are played in the Paralympics.

Winter Paralympics

Every 4 years, the winter Paralympics are held parallelly to the Winter Olympics in the same city of their occurrence. Here is a glimpse of the games you will love watching the event.

Winter Paralympics: Everything you need to know about the Sports

Wondering How the disables are playing the games? Well, they are far more energetic than we are! Just have a look at the games:

Alpine skiingAlpine Skiing

Skiing is tough!? But, when you will see the athletes with physical disabilities coming down the hills, you are surely going to fall in love with their skills and dedication to the game. Very often, the players show their stances and their skills will make you scream ‘Wow!’ as you will watch them.


A combination of cross-country skiing as well as rifle shooting, Biathlon is a sport which requires balancing, skiing as well as shooting skills. Finding a normal human possessing all these skills seems to be a difficult task. At such time, watching the physically handicapped persons showing up their skills will be a heartwarming event for all of us.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing

Not only as a recreational activity but also as a good exercise for the body, cross-country skiing is very much prevalent in the icy countries. It is a sport which checks the mental balance along with the physical capabilities of the rider. Watching handicap sportsman skiing across the ice terrain will pump you up!

Ice Sledge HockeyIce Sledge Hockey

The Ice Sledge Hockey is a popular game among the people living in snowy countries. Also familiar with the name Para Ice Hockey, it is strengthening its roots as the most popular game of the Paralympic games. At present, it is on top of the list of the popular games in Winter Paralympics. Being a team game, it is fun to watch a team representing their country with full zeal.

Since it’s inception in 1960, till it’s rules modification in 1990. The popularity of the game has never seen a low. With all such characteristics, there are many emotions built of the countries to this game.


Imagine a snowboard on your feet and going down the snowy slope! Seems interesting, enough? If the answer is yes, then you will for sure love physically handicapped people performing their skills and stances on the board. Although it is a recent introduction in the year of 2014 in Winter Paralympics, it was in existence since 1960.

Wheelchair CurlingWheelchair Curling

Since it’s inception in the year of 2006 Canada Winter Paralympics, Wheelchair Curling has been the popular racing games for the physically disabled people. You will be surprised with the efforts and power which the players lay so as to win the game.

We hope that this piece of art on Winter Paralympics provided you with the insights and useful information about the event.

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